Wintry Decline

Blow, blow, thou winter wind Thou art not so unkind, As man’s ingratitude.
My age is as a lusty winter, frosty, but kindly.
Now is the winter of our discontent.  ~William Shakespeare
She always articulates her parting with a twinge; does she not? Here’s my expression of her departure.~ Josette ❤
#BlizzardStella from my back yard South Bronx March 14, 2017
Stranded, bellowing encircling seductively, kindred essence of the malevolent; yet enchantingly, she stays
Nipped, rasping endearments embracing bitterly, kin to the seams of the quill; yet enchantingly, she plays
Partaken, gelid drops diminishing sluggishly, tastelessly, ally from the arctic abyss; yet enchantingly, she sways
*Footnotes- So what motivated me? Obviously the view 😀 and these lovely sounds-
Winter Sounds and of course quotes from Shakespeare!

Carbon Copy


You’ve pressed me down, ran through me, tracing me according to your design.
You made me into the image of your choosing, a carbon copy of yourself, you played god.
I lay on this cold, hard surface trying to escape, to run, be free but your strength overwhelmed me.
You make the final touches, I am only a projection, a surface, an illusion of your evil genius.
Inside I’m still me, plotting, waiting to shed this skin you’ve given me, a metamorphosis who will grow wings and fly.

You haven’t won.

Poetry Challenge

I was challenged on Instagram to do a fifteen word story poetry challenge. Here is mine, don’t forget to follow me over there :).



Footsteps bare upon dew soaked grass
Across hills, through valleys of wild petals
Dancing silhouettes skipped ahead
Fluttering wings of violet fade at the last drop of light
He stands beneath the tree reaching his arms out to her.
Loves embrace as kisses steal breath away
She looks up to see her flame, the light she sought

Two Souls: Saga Three

Two Souls: Saga Three
Written By: Josette Hansen
Pseudonym Adinah Schramm

Lovers are we; two souls searching.
Dreams haunted by your presence; awakened by thoughts of this lover.
An infinite Déjà vu of memories.
Searching every pair of eyes met; I seek you out.
My heart longs for you; I feel so incomplete.
Visions of halls lined with golden shields, chase me.
This mighty hero holds me in his arms, and whispers: “I’m coming soon.”
Fold these thoughts gently into my heart, I wait.
As time moves eternally.

Two Souls: Saga Two

Two Souls: Saga Two
Written By: Josette Hansen
Pseudonym Adinah Schramm

Lovers are we; two souls divided.
The depth to which we have fallen, immeasurable.
The space between us; an ever growing Universe.
Time consumes; a constant reminder of your absence.
Emptiness; the feeling that eats from the inside out.
One moment without you; a thousand lifetimes, my love.
I would suffer this exile eternally, if it meant one tender kiss from you.

Two Souls: Saga One

Two Souls: Saga One
Written By: Josette Hansen
Pseudonym: Adinah Schramm
Copyright© 2015

Lovers are we; two souls united.
Exposed, bare, we see.
Bound, connected by divinity.
Through the halls adorned in golden shields, we roam.
His reflection, his image, found among my Gods
My lover meets me in the cover of night.
His kisses like honey, sweet; yet forbidden.
Covered, in forbidden love.
Naked, under the tree of life.
We gaze into each others soul.


“ It has been said, ‘time heals all wounds.’ I do not agree. The wounds remain. In time, the mind, protecting its sanity, covers them with scar tissue and the pain lessens. But it is never gone.”

Rose Kennedy

The moments that are supposed to,
Put distance
Between you, and me
Your thoughts,
The memories,
Bring pain
Your words,
In my heart
When I,
Dig deep
They tear me

Written by: Josette Hansen
Pseudonym Adinah Schramm

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