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Word Paint

Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks. – Plutarch

I am an artist

I may not provide you the physical art to possess; yet I shall leave you my words to digest

Consume them, let each one illustrate, dance upon your soul, wittily

Caress my soul, because now you know me

Every inch of my conscience, inscribed upon pages

I, an exhibit on display within your spaces

The artist, the most manifested entity

Expressive, humbled and at peace we roam free

Until next time

Stay blessed

Josette x




Med visdom kommer ensomhed

Tenderness, sympathetically persuading

Desolated, bare, uninhabited

Forsaken, adrift in bewilderment

Gawking eyes beseech; yet recoil



Wintry Decline

Blow, blow, thou winter wind Thou art not so unkind, As man’s ingratitude.
My age is as a lusty winter, frosty, but kindly.
Now is the winter of our discontent.  ~William Shakespeare
She always articulates her parting with a twinge; does she not? Here’s my expression of her departure.~ Josette ❤
#BlizzardStella from my back yard South Bronx March 14, 2017
Stranded, bellowing encircling seductively, kindred essence of the malevolent; yet enchantingly, she stays
Nipped, rasping endearments embracing bitterly, kin to the seams of the quill; yet enchantingly, she plays
Partaken, gelid drops diminishing sluggishly, tastelessly, ally from the arctic abyss; yet enchantingly, she sways
*Footnotes- So what motivated me? Obviously the view 😀 and these lovely sounds-
Winter Sounds and of course quotes from Shakespeare!

Twain Thoughts

Ah but what is courage? 

For without fear one would never know. 

Words are a way to convey emotions, without words, feelings or knowledge of them would be void.

Courage is not the absence of fear! The word courage originated with the thought of the heart. The heart is considered the seat of emotions, thus the original meaning of courage is heart.

Courage is to face danger; however one perceives it, and hold back the desire to give up or run. 

If fear were completely absent, how would you learn how to strengthen your heart? 

Courage and fear are reliant on each other. Let’s face it, how many times have we done something we were afraid of, only to face it every time with trembling anyway? Oh, it may become easier, yes but fear will always rise to meet you, lest you forget its existence.

Fear is a natural emotion to teach us about ourselves and how to be human. I’d rather feel than to be so numb, becoming an emotionless ghost walking in a tomb. 

Twain understood the importance of standing against the grain in order to renew and strengthen the human heart. 

As always 

Stay blessed, be you, face your fears in trembling and awe, smile on the inside knowing your heart is excersing its right to feel. 

~Josette 💗

Your Love


Your love is rapid billows of water upon arid soil;

Indulging senses, currents of desire, you toil

Your love is pleasant murmurs, a still breeze running through me;

Resonant percussions echo through moments of timeless memories

Copyright 2015

Josette Hansen


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This threshold, the boundary of my limit presently

Lull me unceasingly to the edge breathlessly

Gaze dropping, descending upon infinity

Plummet into this infinite desolation willfully

Deliverance, rescue from barren love

Lease these wings, glide like doves

Glimpse upon promises, elatedly, I smirk

Recollection, shards of thoughts pierce me, they lurk