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Word Paint

Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks. – Plutarch

I am an artist

I may not provide you the physical art to possess; yet I shall leave you my words to digest

Consume them, let each one illustrate, dance upon your soul, wittily

Caress my soul, because now you know me

Every inch of my conscience, inscribed upon pages

I, an exhibit on display within your spaces

The artist, the most manifested entity

Expressive, humbled and at peace we roam free

Until next time

Stay blessed

Josette x




Med visdom kommer ensomhed

Tenderness, sympathetically persuading

Desolated, bare, uninhabited

Forsaken, adrift in bewilderment

Gawking eyes beseech; yet recoil



Journey Tales

Here we are

Time, the indefinite, eternal process of existence or occasions that join past, present and future..

I swear, how many times must I fall before realizing I ran this marathon, what like a million times? 

Why do we need to try and find validation within others? 

I found when you do not identify with ego at all and you’ve become so low that you have no value, you will seek that pride, admiration, love from someone else. Unfortunately people set themselves up for failure, you expect another person to rescue you when all you have done is imprison yourself.

Expectations Fail

The expectations you set for another person are really the standards you need to apply within to yourself. You are the only person who knows you the best! That void you feel is because you have stopped believing in you, stopped loving you. Heartbreak and heartache exist because you put all of your faith in someone else.

But why?

We are told that we have to let go of our ego in order to love properly, or you’re conceited if you love yourself. Except there is a healthy space, a healthy balance within the human psyche for self-pride without becoming a narcissist or total ass.

Without self love,-you can’t love

Honestly, its hypocritical to say you love someone and then turn around and reflect a model of self-hatred. Forgiving yourself, and embracing the present time to be able to move forward towards a better you is the greatest road to begin.

and sometimes, yes those past demons will try to remind you that you failed in the past, but you tell those demons thank you for reminding me why I need to push forward ten-times harder and giving me the strength to do so, because I did this before but that was a practice test, I am ready for the final!!

Wisdom from Fyodor Dostoevsky


Fyodor gives us a  clue in the word meaningful when he describes “work” furthermore when he states “lose their reason for existence” he reveals the depth of his statement.

So many people are employed or working for wages; yet hate their jobs. They are going as Fyodor says “stark raving mad.”  Could you imagine the destitution of the human essence when it is not striving towards its purpose?

Some may search for their purpose and feel like they failed to find it, when all along it was the very thing they least expected. The work that you are destined to do is the thing you are most passionate about, the thing that makes your heart soar.

When it is found, treasure it greatly and master it! Eventually you will find you’re passionate about many things and take on more “work.” 

Stay Blessed

Josette xo

To London with Love


There is an ecstasy that marks the summit of life, and beyond which life cannot rise. And such is the paradox of living, this ecstasy comes when one is most alive, and it comes as a complete forgetfulness that one is alive. ~ Jack London

Ecstasy, from the Greek Ekstasis, meaning ‘standing outside oneself.’ The sentence Jack has made “There is an ecstasy that marks the summit of life” can be likened to the idiom ‘on cloud nine.’ Certainly Jack paints a picture for us in one small statement so vividly.

The semantics within provide us with an almost socratic mindset. To reach ones highest state in a single moment; yet forget life itself, is agreeably a paradox. Yes, there can be that one single moment, it will define you forever. These moments can leave you feeling as if nothing can ever exist before, or beyond that space. When time stands still and all that matters is ‘now’…these are the summits that forever shape us.

I have unquestionably found moments like that; both good and bad. The births of all of my children, and the deaths of loved ones.

If not for my greatest teacher Ms. Fuller of my fifth grade public school class, I would not have known Jack London. To her I owe my love for both reading and writing; for she taught me to reach higher, and go beyond my limits.

Until next time,

be well, and stay blessed xo


Twain Thoughts

Ah but what is courage? 

For without fear one would never know. 

Words are a way to convey emotions, without words, feelings or knowledge of them would be void.

Courage is not the absence of fear! The word courage originated with the thought of the heart. The heart is considered the seat of emotions, thus the original meaning of courage is heart.

Courage is to face danger; however one perceives it, and hold back the desire to give up or run. 

If fear were completely absent, how would you learn how to strengthen your heart? 

Courage and fear are reliant on each other. Let’s face it, how many times have we done something we were afraid of, only to face it every time with trembling anyway? Oh, it may become easier, yes but fear will always rise to meet you, lest you forget its existence.

Fear is a natural emotion to teach us about ourselves and how to be human. I’d rather feel than to be so numb, becoming an emotionless ghost walking in a tomb. 

Twain understood the importance of standing against the grain in order to renew and strengthen the human heart. 

As always 

Stay blessed, be you, face your fears in trembling and awe, smile on the inside knowing your heart is excersing its right to feel. 

~Josette 💗

Oh Edgar

For what is it to dream? 

Poe brilliantly uses these words as a comparison, both completely reliant upon the other; disastrous apart. Perhaps, a paradox of sorts. 

To dream by day 

Setting goals or reaching for a destination of hope while being completely aware in a fully conscious state.

One is in control, focused with their eyes upon their target. Detours may be expected but the course can be rerouted or adjusted.

To dream by night 

The subconscious mind assembles images or thoughts that play out in a state of complete slumber.

You’re a backseat driver to a message that may play out jumbled or strange. These dreams are almost never literal they need to be interpreted differently and could steer people down the wrong path. Sometimes we don’t remember our dreams at all.

Edgar expresses the importance of daydreaming. The emphasis of hope hides within the text; for to set goals in life, gives us purpose. The two really do go hand in hand: to aspire that which shall strengthen one in a state of awareness; will in turn, provide dreams in sleep that will give you peace. 


The word dream comes from middle to old English, which derives from Germanic, Dutch, Old Norse and more. 

The middle-old English related dream to joy, pleasure, gladness, even music, to name a few; however Proto-Indo Europe relates  dream to illusion something injurious, or even damaging. 

Clearly our ancestors knew and understood, what Poe expresses. 

These are the words that come to thought: “To dream blindly, is to run in darkness toward the unknown edges of consequence.” 

Once again 

Be at peace 

Dream big 

Reach for your stars 

Be yourself