I Found Him



In 2014, I started seeking my Mothers relatives and ancestry through committed genealogical research. See my German Ancestry Here

There are many naysayers about communicating with the dead, but I have dreams, and many of them, where they speak to me. Once I received baptismal records for my Maternal Grandfathers family I was able to build a better structure for our family tree and the dreams increased.

George Frederick Schramm is my Great Uncle, I had a dream about him back in 2014 See Post from 2014 here . I have sought George’s resting place and death record ever since and was never fortunate enough to locate him.

The Details

Recently, more records have been getting indexed by the LDS church and their tremendous effort toward genealogical research. I have noticed a spike in German family records as of lately, and it has boosted my ability to locate more information.

After finalizing my draft of my German Ancestry research and posting it on here yesterday, I went to lay down at night. I had the strongest urge to check for George again. I went to the family search website and decided to lookup death records in New York City. Knowing his birth date and year I still did a broad search of five years to be safe.  The result was a tear jerker, I FOUND HIM!

George died young at just the age of 24 on 10 Sept, 1942 and was buried on 14 Sept, 1942 at St. Michael’s Cemetery in East Elmhurst. The cause of death is not in the index and so I am ordering his death record to find out what happened.

Here’s where it gets spooky! I google the cemetery and realize it’s in Elmhurst. My second Great Grandmother Mary Ann wright had a dream with me about Elmhurst See dream post from 2014 here.

I rushed to my family tree and checked GG Grandma Mary’s cemetery and it was St. Michael’s. I had visited GG Grandma Mary not long after the dream I had with my sister. I am going to create a detailed post about her, she was killed tragically by her husband at the same age I was when she contacted me through a dream.

Back in 2014 I stood in the very cemetery George was in and didn’t even know! I will be visiting him shortly and I just know it will be emotional.

Stay Blessed

Josette xo


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