What happened?

I feel like I come from a time that is lost. 

I can remember a time when education was filled with reading. Every year I received a brand new reader filled with poetry, stories and historical or scientific pieces. 

Cracking open that brand new book with that book smell lingering upon each page. No matter what the assignment was I’d skip forward and find myself reading ahead of the class.

My first books as a small child were cherished. I had a yellow mother goose nursery rhyme book filled with strange sayings that didn’t make sense but they left me curious. My favorite was a fairy tale book, it had the original writings of many classics that went on to become movies; yet still there are many that are unknown to many people I meet. 

Mother kept us hooked on CS Lewis, reading the Chronicles of Narnia to us. This very day, I still own my personal collection of those books because they are like treasures. 

The Hobbit became quite popular as a movie when I was small and when I was old enough I embarked on the writings of Tolkien; which consumed me in a way I can not express. 

Then there were the movies I just couldn’t stop watching. My list of some favorites below: 

  • The Hobbit 
  • The secret of Nimh 
  • Dark Crystal 
  • Willow
  • Ladyhawk
  • The Labyrinth 
  • The never ending story

I could recite and act out scenes word for word, striving hard to speak as they spoke. There are so many more I could add to the list but those few are by far my favorite from childhood. 

Perhaps it is the Pisces in me, the cycle of losing myself in depths of fantastical places and retreating when I reach the surface of reality. 

I find joy, excitement, meaning and purpose in tales of old whether true or fictional there is always something to take away from it. 

Perhaps that is why I love writing fantasy fiction. My novel kingdom rising will be published this year and one can only dream it will make someones favorite list. 

Until next time, stay lovely, stay young and dream dreams of lands in far off places filled with the characters inside you. Give voices to the characters and create. 



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