Unquenchable Flame

Forever, a perpetual and endless devotion of his absence physically or presently

Oh..but if he knew that forever his essence remained with her eternally

Existing, engraved, etched within her heart and mind like an ancient secret, his hieroglyphics on every inch, he possessed her completely

Would such love, could it, survive beyond their graves? Or will their memory cease to exist? And so she lay haunted continually..

The thought of their love being reborn again shall haunt her, imagining they could reach beyond time, beyond boundaries… To finally, just be, free.

*For the love possessed within thee is immeasurable by all things.  May her ghost return to thee and bring peace.


Scenes from my novel

Oh how the sound of crunching gnawed away at my patience vehemently. Would the journey cease at some point? (Sooner, rather than later preferably)

Our bodies shook violently; while the wind cut through our layers like razors. Night sounds crept around us slowly and we knew it would prevent us from moving forward until daybreak. 

      “We should light a fire, no?” Gunnar looked up from the snow covered log     he decided to lounge on.

      “What about the wolves? Don’t you   hear them in the distance?” 

      “Well, warrior Queen, they’re the least of our problems. Wouldn’t you agree?”

Andra hung her head in silence momentarily. 

       “I suppose you’re right.”

***A scene from my novel Kingdom Rising*** 

Thinking cap on! Wish me luck xo

Original Music

Thought I’d share a link to the two original songs Donald Bell and I did. His music inspired my writing and vocals thus a great kinship was born.

Enjoy x

Listen to Fiona Scar & Donald Bell by Fiona Scar #np on #SoundCloud

My music

Gosh, I have really missed you guys xo

I’ve been so distracted by nonsense, long story really. The book I was writing is near complete. 

I have successfully written two songs and have a bunch of music on SoundCloud if you would like to listen. Head to SoundCloud and search Fiona Scar. 

Here’s a link to my Amy Winehouse back to black tribute- Listen to Back to Black- Amy Winehouse-Cover by Fiona Scar #np on #SoundCloud


Or my cover of Creep by Radiohead- Listen to Creep-Radiohead Cover by Fiona Scar #np on #SoundCloud


I will try to stay committed to a post a day. 

All my love xo

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