I am tired

*Poetic Scenes From My Journal*


I am tired…

Tired of a system that claims it is ethical; yet the laws protect the chosen few and it’s acceptable

Tired of the greed that keeps the poor from emerging into a higher position, just look at the prices of college tuition

Tired of the dissolution among mankind, we should be unified fighting for justice, awakening unconscious minds

Tired of shouting within a crowd of faces that are too busy to realize they have been running in circles disguised as races

Tired of seeing women destroyed by an image of picture perfect, a path that is broken and will misdirect

I am tired…

Tired of climbing this ladder that seems to grow longer when its height is met, when we reach its destination what will we get?

Tired of seeing children trapped in an educational system where they are a nameless statistic, they’ve been stripped of creativity or anything artistic

I look all around me and I ask, are you just as tired? And if you are I hope you’ve been inspired

Please stand with me and be a voice, scream against injustice, you have a choice

Don’t turn a blind eye to a failing system, awaken others and share the wisdom

Peace and Love all

Written by Josette AKA (Adinah, Jo-Jo, Bonnie, RedVixen)


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