As Wings Float


** Who am I writing to?**

Incandescent white glare
Break forth beyond your dark surrounding
…I stare

You are a rod
Your beauty the bait upon the hook
I bite, I am lured away with every look

Power to hypnotize, you leave me breathless
Light that heals my soul, with its soft caress

I feel like we are one somehow and I’ve known you before
I can’t explain this now

Time passes as the darkness starts to fade, the horizons glow begins to wade

My heart soars chasing the tears of night cries
As wings float upon sunrise

**Photo and writing by me**


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  1. Hi, I’m inviting you to the three day, three quote challenge.
    The rules are: 1. thank the blogger who invited you. 2. post a quote, your own or someone else’s, for three days in a row. 3. invite three other bloggers to the challenge.
    Hope you join me šŸ™‚

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