Month: June 2015

Ode to the Forgotten


Abhorred by many they refused us callously

Comparable of cattle, ships brimmed with our brethren, facing this trial, this calvary

Our Mother land glimmered brilliantly from afar

Our hearts suffered incredibly, as she disappeared, she was no more

They restrained our hands, our feet, setting us ablaze

This chastisement, abuse, an infraction for not following their ways

Extermination the mark, they termed us louse, offal

To shed the blood of the children of Éire, lawful

We did not conform to their will, we are alive

Children of Éire, we rise infinitely, we thrive

We are spanned out beyond the boundaries of our great land

Children of Éire rise up, behold your brother’s hand

With every breath, they breathe, they are in our midst

Shout triumphantly, take pride beloved, the children of Éire, we still exist

*This is dedicated to every child of Éire that ever existed. We are an amazing bunch and though so many of us are scattered we should always remember our Mother land. May our ancestors of the great starvation and the times of slavery smile upon us as we continue to exist.*


As a Poet Burning Oneself Out 

I love this!!

Wuji Seshat

Screen Shot 06-28-15 at 09.46 PM

My swirling wants no longer want
The grammar of my soul has turned alchemic
Themes written under duress have come and gone

Passed, like the emptiness of notation
Like art, after the generation of my audience
Have died, the failure of criticism
To detract from the journey
I am a writing automation or

An experience of repetition in a simulation
On how to become a writer and bleed
Ten thousand hours into my craft

The thing most I love, the trip until forever
That’s literature to me, a dying art
Now I know what it feels like to be
A minority, like Native Americans
To have become nearly obsolete

Time takes hold of us like a draft
And the sun produces powerful dreams
That never feel completed, crimson-fingered

We draw in the earth, in the ash
But our designs are never done
There isn’t enough time and fire
To create…

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I am tired

*Poetic Scenes From My Journal*


I am tired…

Tired of a system that claims it is ethical; yet the laws protect the chosen few and it’s acceptable

Tired of the greed that keeps the poor from emerging into a higher position, just look at the prices of college tuition

Tired of the dissolution among mankind, we should be unified fighting for justice, awakening unconscious minds

Tired of shouting within a crowd of faces that are too busy to realize they have been running in circles disguised as races

Tired of seeing women destroyed by an image of picture perfect, a path that is broken and will misdirect

I am tired…

Tired of climbing this ladder that seems to grow longer when its height is met, when we reach its destination what will we get?

Tired of seeing children trapped in an educational system where they are a nameless statistic, they’ve been stripped of creativity or anything artistic

I look all around me and I ask, are you just as tired? And if you are I hope you’ve been inspired

Please stand with me and be a voice, scream against injustice, you have a choice

Don’t turn a blind eye to a failing system, awaken others and share the wisdom

Peace and Love all

Written by Josette AKA (Adinah, Jo-Jo, Bonnie, RedVixen)

As Wings Float


** Who am I writing to?**

Incandescent white glare
Break forth beyond your dark surrounding
…I stare

You are a rod
Your beauty the bait upon the hook
I bite, I am lured away with every look

Power to hypnotize, you leave me breathless
Light that heals my soul, with its soft caress

I feel like we are one somehow and I’ve known you before
I can’t explain this now

Time passes as the darkness starts to fade, the horizons glow begins to wade

My heart soars chasing the tears of night cries
As wings float upon sunrise

**Photo and writing by me**