Tales of Ancestors


Tales from the grave, told through songs.

Symbols, Images, pieces of history papers that tell me your story.

Your blood in my veins on fire, I’m ablaze.

My mind overwhelmed with pain, in a daze.

Heart shattered, emotions run over a sea of pain, choking me.

Tears sooth my soul, I rise through the ashes, pen in hand..I continue your legacy.

~Josette Hansen~


Carbon Copy


You’ve pressed me down, ran through me, tracing me according to your design.
You made me into the image of your choosing, a carbon copy of yourself, you played god.
I lay on this cold, hard surface trying to escape, to run, be free but your strength overwhelmed me.
You make the final touches, I am only a projection, a surface, an illusion of your evil genius.
Inside I’m still me, plotting, waiting to shed this skin you’ve given me, a metamorphosis who will grow wings and fly.

You haven’t won.

Night Sky


The night sky…
Some fear darkness, they are sad to see another day end
But oh night sky you bring hope, you are comfort
Every star takes my breath…
Sweet, glorious moon, you are like my sun
Illuminate the path, the journey we must all take into the rising of the sun
I shall look upon you one last time until we meet again

Poetry Challenge

I was challenged on Instagram to do a fifteen word story poetry challenge. Here is mine, don’t forget to follow me over there :).



Powdery stars fall like white ash the frozen tears of the sky surround
She speaks, feel her words
Seasons are emotions
Frozen through
Awaiting for the arrival of new life

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