My Acadian Ancestry

I’ve spoken about my Paternal Grandmother Blanche Melanson before, and her Irish Ancestry through her Mother Edith Byrnes. I haven’t mentioned her Father. My Great Grandfather is Leo S. Melanson. He was born in 1882, and immigrated from Canada. His family has a long history in Canada since the 1600’s. One of the oldest ancestors on this branch is Guy De Comeau born 1450 in France. I have loads of cousin matches from my Comeau lines. The coolest find for me was finding out about  my seventh Great Grandfather. His name is Charles Melanson. He arrived in Canada in 1657 with his parents. Charles married Marie Dugas, and they are the founders of the Historical Melanson Settlement in Canada.


Google Images of Melanson Settlement

Nova Scotia Historic

Until the deportation of the Acadians in 1755, it was the place of residence for Charles Melanson, his wife Marie Dugas, and their descendants. To learn more click here This family history on this branch is one of courage, and bravery. It is made up of French Huguenots, and Scottish highlanders. The first Nations of Canada are married into my Acadian branches. Sakmow Henri Membertou of the Mi’kmaq people is my twelfth Great Grandfather. image That is a Canadian stamp of him. Henri’s History I am continuing to discover so much about where I come from. It has been an exciting journey. As an American I am a mixed woman; yet I’m proud. I know I come from strong, brave people who struggled so I could be here today.


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  1. Very cool!
    My relatives are Acadian, too, but like most “american” Acadians, were kicked out of Canada, to live on the swampy parts of the Mississippi. (We are muddled down to just “Cajun” now. No illustrious people, these…) 🙂

    1. Hah, we’re family. Those blood lines roll deep 😉
      I have so may branches that wound up in Louisiana, New England,’s crazy.
      I hear that! What happened is terrible.

      1. We could be! I have Meloncons in my family (but see, spelling is altered…)
        Truth is, we are probably distant cousins.:)

      2. Yes, I have so many distant cousins from those lines. Melancons are the same. When they got forced out of Canada some branches altered the spellings. We’re all from Charles Melanson or his brother.

  2. Your family history sounds fascinating. On my father’s side, no one can tell me much of anything regarding their roots. It is something I could possibly explore, although I don’t really have many starting points.

    Genealogy, to me, seems intimidating (because of all the searching) and exciting at the same time because of the things you discover. Of course, it’s crazy to wonder just how far you’ve spread out. My friend and I were talking about people who found out they were blood related just last night. It’s amazing what curiosity reveals.

    1. Thank you.
      It was intimidating to me as well. What I learned is start small. The basic Parents, and Grandparents. Try to order or collect as many records as you can, and keep moving backwards from there.
      You’ll be surprised is an amazing resource.
      I have had some stressful moments, and shocking information get revealed as well. It was still worth finding out where I come from.
      Thanks for reading, and good luck on your journey.

      1. Thank you. When you think about it, my grandmother did write a basic family tree on a manilla envelope and gave it to me when I was around ten. I still have it and will see what I can do. Despite the tree, no one can tell me whether that side is Scottish, English, German, etc. I want to know!

      2. That is a great start. If you enter that information you have into ancestry’s database they may have a lot to offer you, and then you can build from there. They can link you to documents that will help you figure it all out.

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