Blaze Wifi Scholarship Essay: Do you prefer living in the city or out in the country more?

We live near Yankee Stadium in Bronx, New York. The City that never sleeps.
We live near Yankee Stadium in Bronx, New York. The City that never sleeps.

   I am writing this essay in the hopes of winning the Blaze WiFi Scholarship.

   I always talk about how much I hate the City, and want to move to the Country. Truth be told I prefer living in the City. The City I live in is New York; the City that never sleeps. The convenience, and ease of living here can never be found in the Country. New York has twenty-four hour stores within walking distance, and buses or subways that run non-stop. My children have access to many free programs at the local library here, and participate regularly. The Country is certainly a place where you need a car to get around, and I don’t have my license yet. The buses stop running, and the stores close early. I certainly enjoy the open space, fresh air, and seclusion in the Country. I just may be the person who gets a vacation home in the Country; yet remains living in the City.

Radio City Music Hall
Radio City Music Hall

This past December, I took my daughters into Manhattan on the subway to see the tree lighting at Rockefeller Center. We were unable to get close because there were protests going on; however we did get to enjoy the beautiful decorations no other City could give. The crowds were annoying, and I certainly don’t enjoy that at all. The Country would probably provide more room, and space to breath. We were able to get into the City quickly by riding the subway, and we didn’t have to worry about missing the last bus. I visited my cousin once in the Country for vacation, and got stranded at the Mall at night because I missed the last bus. I had to call my cousin to come, and get me; walking home would have been impossible it was off to the side of a major highway.

The convenience of open stores is one of the greatest benefits of living in the City. I remember getting home late from Manhattan with the kids from an event. We hadn’t had a chance to grab dinner, and it was too late to cook anything. We were able to grab a pizza, and salad at the local store. This chicken place stays open past midnight, and they sell a variety of foods. If I were in the Country this would not have been a possibility, and I would have had to cook something; or buy something from seven-eleven. I lived in Phillipsburg, New Jersey ten years ago. I thankfully lived near a seven-eleven that stayed open. I would walk through the field, and cross the freight train tracks to get to seven-eleven; sometimes very late at night.

My youngest girls at the chicken store.
My youngest girls at the chicken store.
My youngest daughter, and youngest son at the library.
My youngest daughter, and youngest son at the library.

I home school my children so we frequent the local library often. Our library is in walking distance, and provides loads of free programs on a daily basis. My children have been able to join clubs, and participate in wildlife programs. Funding is accessible when you live in a major City. I remember when I lived in Phillipsburg; programs had to shut down due to limited or lack of funding. The one program I did enjoy in the Country was their Head Start program. It is unfortunate that some children have to lose involvement in programs that could be extremely beneficial to their well- being. Every child deserves to have access to free educational programs.

There are certainly advantages, and disadvantages to living in either place. I just find the City to be an exciting place to live, and it is so diverse. The convenience as a Mother makes my life a lot easier. As I said before, the Country has its benefits as well, and someday I just may get a vacation house outside of the City. I know someday when I am ready to retire, I just may leave for good. I would love to grow a garden, and have some livestock. For now I will enjoy New York as much as I can. I’ve got too many memories attached here, and a family history of immigration to Manhattan from the 1880’s. So I’m a New Yawka, it’s just a part of who I’ll always be.


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