Ode to my Children

     If money were never ending, or everything were free; I’d get you everything you ever asked of me.
     Still, if it were so; I wonder too
Would you still respect me the way you do?
     Remember children, the facts of life. Money isn’t everything; it causes struggle, strife.
     There’s strength found in hard work, and struggles like ours. Wisdom such as this is built to last, like strong towers.
     Having what you need should always be enough; even if times seem troubled or rough.
     Look with your heart, value what lasts; your family, your blood, ancestors past.
     Their sacrifices treasure, we exist because they overcame. Strengthen yourselves in their memories, honor their name.
     If I could give you anything, it would have to be; to sow the wisdom, and strength sown into me.
     To protect you from mistakes we’ve all made over time, preventing you all from making mine.
     To pour every drop of value I contain, until you overflow; so when I part one day you’ll possess all I know.

Written by: Josette Hansen
Pseudonym Adinah Schramm
Copyright © 2014


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