My Hero

     I thought I’d jump on the bandwagon for todays writing prompt. The writing prompt for today was “My Hero.” While I could think of so many people to address, I chose a different route.

     You’ve taught me hunger; the value of a meal.
     You’ve taught me enough; I have what I need.
     I’ve learned not to settle; I’ve options, and choices.
     You’ve taught the value a dollar brings; budgeting, spending within my means.
     You’ve taught me survival; I’ve made it through the worst.
     You’ve taught me to dream; if I had it all I’d of lost sight.
     You’ve strengthened me; I’ve overcome.
     You’re close to many; you’ve known them intimately.
     You’re the face of many, poverty.

Written by: Josette Hansen
Pseudonym Adinah Schramm
Copyright ©2014



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