Granda’s Story

     Smoke and ale lingered in his nostrils since childhood. They were his familiar place. He became an orphan before his thirteenth birthday. Raised by his brother. He tried to keep busy working to help.
     World War II had arrived, and he found himself being shipped off to Europe. He had witnessed things he could never erase from his mind. He took comfort in alcohol, as his Father, and Grandfather before him. His body survived the war but his mind didn’t. He returned home more broken than before.
     He met a beautiful woman, and had children with her. These children he would barely see grow. Alcohol consumed him, and removed him from everyone he loved. He would learn being alone was what he had learned to do best. Never realizing the ripples he would create with his choices.
     He died alone in his bed, the young age of forty-eight. Oh why did he have to be alone? Why couldn’t he had just hung on a little longer? To see his grandchildren. They would have loved him right through it all. They’d have seen past his demons long enough to comfort his aching heart.
     Alcohol you may claim this family no longer. They are stronger now, they are ready to stomp out years of a repeated cycle. They will win the victory for their ancestors who couldn’t.


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