Forgive and Forget

     They say when you forgive, you’re supposed to forget. Kind of like wiping the slate clean; a fresh start. I think that it is easier with some people; as opposed to others. You know the kind I speak of. They are the ones who are always apologizing for the same shit. Yeah, those ones.
     He spent his nights seeking pleasure in other places; even after she had given all of herself to him. It was like it wasn’t enough! He’d just take pieces of her continually, and never be satisfied.
He took her far out of her comfort zone, and then left her to drown. She sunk so many times, gasping, trying to find her way back but she couldn’t.
     His drunken nights grew beyond number, and turned into drunken days. She found herself being caught in the middle of violence on a regular basis. There were days she would hide from him outside because she was so embarrassed of him in public. She just didn’t know when she’d escape.
     She’d been lost so long in his sea of turmoil that she forgot who she was. She turned into someone she couldn’t recognize anymore. It was like all life had left her. She came to her senses and realized what she needed to do. Little by little she returned; as joy found her heart again.
     She said she forgave but she could not forget. Every time she looked at him all she saw was violence. The man who promised he’d protect her, neglected her, took advantage of her. She tried to remember the good things about him but they were a fading shadow in the distance. They were so far gone, and snuffed out by his violence.
      She knew the time had come to let go of him, it was the only way she could heal. It was the only way to forgive, and forget. Distance was the only thing that could help. So she let go of the one who gave his word to protect her; after all he broke his vows.


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