Peace: freedom from disturbance; a state of tranquillity.

     Her emotions were still; like a small river bed on a dark starry night. Her tranquillity burned upon her; like the sun kissed ocean on a summer day. This was the feeling of a warm embrace; the kind that comes when you really need it. A warm sip of tea slipping down her throat; warming, and soothing her. Yes that is it!
     The tranquil feeling you get from certain voices; you know the kind that gives you pins, and needles. That perfect pitch; or combination found from a harmonious melody. The release she felt; when she sang from the depths of her soul.
     There is no feeling greater, or bigger. The feeling of being complete in that moment. The comfort of stillness. Peace is something that comes from within. Peace is internal, spiritual, and can not be purchased.


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