Ancestral Dreams III

     The night slowly faded as she lay in bed awake; trying to conjure sleep but it wouldn’t come. It had been one of those unsettling days; leaving her with business to contemplate in her mind. She breathed deep closing her eyes, focusing on her shield. She always did this to help her relax, and feel grounded.
     She found herself in darkness, and all sound was absent. It was a peaceful place, very relaxing. She wasn’t afraid; yet she thought it strange that normally she would be. Mist began to rise in the darkness, and she walked slowly in the darkness.
     She now realized that she was barefoot, and walking in soil. It must have been night because the air smelled like it. She could always read times, and seasons just from her senses. It felt so comforting to be alone for a while.
     She can not recall what happened next but a vision of dirt flashed in her mind. The voice of a woman whispered a familiar name in her ear. She knew she should be afraid but she wasn’t. The spirit of a woman flashed before her, placing her face in hers. The name of a location was shouted.
     She jumped from her bed fully awake writing down details, and beginning research. After a break, and a walk she set herself down to search more. A document was located revealing the name from her dream, and the same location. It was the burial place of her second great grandmother.
     She grabbed her chest rising from her seat speechless. She looked to her daughters whom she told the dream to earlier that morning. They were just as speechless. She knew this was the start of something amazing.


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