Ancestral Dreams II

     Her day was long, and she was beginning to grow weary. She finished off a cup of hot chamomile to sooth her. She now lay in her bed in meditative prayer. She drifted slowly into a deep sleep.
     She entered a brick building that appeared antique. Upon entering she could smell the old wood, and musty odors lingered. The mantle was empty except for one clock that stood in the center. The clocks hands didn’t appear to be moving; yet she could still hear a distinct ticking sound. An older man stood in the center of the room, his back turned to her. He turned suddenly telling her to go outside.
     She found herself standing below the front windows of the house, next to the stairs. There was soil, grass, and stones. The old man stood on the stairs pointing to the stones. She knelt down slowly dusting the stones off, and she felt carvings. There were the letters one on top of the next spelling out her Grand Uncles name. She realized the old man now knelt beside her. She could see a familiar hand symbol upon a decagon, carved into the stone. “I know this symbol.” She said to the man but he covered it with his hands. The second time she looked it wasn’t a hand symbol she knew.
     She lay her head upon the stone and could suddenly feel her Grand Uncle. It was as if she was plugged into him. She felt his sorrow, and now his joy that she was there. Her tears flowed upon the rock; as she told him. “I’m here uncle, I found you.” The presence of a woman appeared behind her. She turned to see the woman who appeared as a spirit.
     She was led to a single standing stone within a circle. The woman did not speak; yet she knew they were related. The stone had names written upon it. She did not know the names but she knew they were her ancestors. She could feel them all around her, and she felt their love.
     She woke up to write down the symbols. She knew the search for the answers would be long but she did not want to give up. She had to find her Grand Uncle, even if it took a lifetime….


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