Ancestral Dreams I

Written by: Josette M Hansen
Pseudonym: Adinah Schramm
All work is protected by copyright©2014

     She lay her head down after a long day that night, and closed her fatigued eyes. Slumber was delayed for some time by her restless mind. She emptied herself in meditative prayer; making her peace with the divine, and her ancestors too. Sleep had come upon her, peacefully she drifted into a comfortable place.
     Rays of light shone in the distance like a tunnel of sunbeam reflections. Vibrant hues danced in circles around her as she walked through them. A silhouette at the end of the tunnel waited for her. A uniform came into view as he stepped forward. “Grandfather?” She had never met him before, he died nine years before she was born. All that she had ever seen was a photo. His face was just as handsome.
     His embrace was gentle, and comforting. He looked into her eyes, palms upon her cheeks. They both had tears spilling from their eyes. “It is I.” He stepped back taking a good look at her. “We are all together here. Your Mom, your Uncles all of us. We are very proud of you, and your sisters.”
     She had so many questions to ask him but she knew time was short. “I need help, I keep having dreams about family. I don’t know what some of them mean, and the symbols.” He placed his hands on hers. “Don’t worry, you’ll have help.” He whispered softly.
     She realized she was in between sleep, and consciousness. She now had fallen into a deep sleep. She was on a journey to find her sick Mother. There was a mysterious man with her. They searched every floor of a building, traveling on elevators. When they were told she was taken, they some how were transported to a strange road surrounded by trees.
     The road seemed never ending. She stood next to a young boy. The man was now a child. They were traveling as if in haste. It was as if they were hunted. A lumber truck stopped on the road. The driver got out, and moved pieces of lumber to hide the boy. Her consciousness beginning to make a connection. She was jolted from her sleep.
     She remembered her Grandfather worked in a lumber yard. Searching her records frantically, she found the right one. Her mouth hung open in shock. Her Grand Uncle was the lumber truck driver. It must have been him helping her. What did it mean? She did not yet know but she would search. She would find the answers.


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