Month: December 2014

Moonlight Dance

     Halo of light trickling through the crevices of branches above; join the foggy mist, your glow like a cascade pouring down.
     Dew of night with drops of life; to feed the vast forest. Crickets leap in the dark cover; dancing in the brilliance of night.
       Hide not your face from me pale moon, glistening through the clouds.  Your presence brings hope in the darkest of places.
     Songs have been silenced, in nests upon branches. Sleeping birds find peace in your presence.
     Spiders weave their radiant patterns; in the glimmer you cast.
Your light dances through the webs maze; as rain drops slide slowly.
     Love is made under your glares reach; kisses are inspired by your beauty.
     Sweet moonlight stay a while longer; my heart soars in thee.
*Inspired by: Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata

Written by: Josette Hansen
Pseudonym Adinah Schramm
Copyright ©2014


The News

This is for the writing prompt “Ten Quote Tuesday.” I chose the quote: “It had been at least a minute since he last blinked.”
Here is a link to the original post: Ten Quote Tuesday

     It had been at least a minute since he last blinked; he sat in silence across the table. She tried to imagine what was going on inside his head. “Would he be happy to be a Father again?” She was afraid to say another word. His expression; heck, his reaction scared her.
     She swallowed her last piece of bread slowly, and cleared her throat, ahem. She was hoping he would look at her, but he didn’t. “Are you not happy?” She finally blurted out; her heart was racing.
     The fire snapped; breaking his long trance with the candle flame. He placed his napkin gently on his plate, and rose from his seat; a smile emerging upon his face. “Of course I’m happy.”
     He walked over to her, grabbing her hands. He lifted her up from her seat, and lay kisses on her eyes. “I’m more than happy love.” He hugged her tightly. “Come let’s tell the children.”

Written by: Josette Hansen
Pseudonym Adinah Schramm
Copyright ©2014

My Hero

     I thought I’d jump on the bandwagon for todays writing prompt. The writing prompt for today was “My Hero.” While I could think of so many people to address, I chose a different route.

     You’ve taught me hunger; the value of a meal.
     You’ve taught me enough; I have what I need.
     I’ve learned not to settle; I’ve options, and choices.
     You’ve taught the value a dollar brings; budgeting, spending within my means.
     You’ve taught me survival; I’ve made it through the worst.
     You’ve taught me to dream; if I had it all I’d of lost sight.
     You’ve strengthened me; I’ve overcome.
     You’re close to many; you’ve known them intimately.
     You’re the face of many, poverty.

Written by: Josette Hansen
Pseudonym Adinah Schramm
Copyright ©2014


Ode to my Children

     If money were never ending, or everything were free; I’d get you everything you ever asked of me.
     Still, if it were so; I wonder too
Would you still respect me the way you do?
     Remember children, the facts of life. Money isn’t everything; it causes struggle, strife.
     There’s strength found in hard work, and struggles like ours. Wisdom such as this is built to last, like strong towers.
     Having what you need should always be enough; even if times seem troubled or rough.
     Look with your heart, value what lasts; your family, your blood, ancestors past.
     Their sacrifices treasure, we exist because they overcame. Strengthen yourselves in their memories, honor their name.
     If I could give you anything, it would have to be; to sow the wisdom, and strength sown into me.
     To protect you from mistakes we’ve all made over time, preventing you all from making mine.
     To pour every drop of value I contain, until you overflow; so when I part one day you’ll possess all I know.

Written by: Josette Hansen
Pseudonym Adinah Schramm
Copyright © 2014

What do you see?

     What do you see when you look at me? Just another woman; we’ve plenty to spare, all shapes, and sizes. They aren’t rare.
     What do you see when you look at me? Oh she’s a Mother with children, who cares. Most women are; show me something more scarce.
     What do you see when you look at me? A caucasion, she’s probably born with it all. She’ll never see injustice, or know what it’s like to fall.
     What do you see when you look at me? With that many kids, she’s probably slept around. She must be going crazy, with no Fathers to be found.
     What do you see when you look at me? A pretty face, damn those eyes. I had that, go on with those lies.
     What do you see when you look at me? Is there a target on my back? Do I have a price tag? What is it that I lack?
     If you allowed me to speak, to use my voice. You’d learn all about me, you’d have a choice.
     Looks are never what they seem, deep inside I’m just a human being.
     I’ve known injustice, violence, hate. Abuse, judgment, they don’t discriminate.
     Until you’ve walked a mile with another; don’t be so quick to judge a sister or a brother.
     We all bleed red, the words Ma would always say. They stick in my mind, like instant replay.

Written by: Josette Hansen
Pseudonym: Adinah Schramm
All work on this blog is protected by copyright ©2014

Sweet Melody

     Sweet melody take me to that place; the place where I can be free. Break the chains off, please, release me.
     Sweet melody I feel your rhythm beating inside. Your lyrics my love song, I can not hide.
     Sweet melody you capture me every time. Open my mouth to sing along, I chime.
     Sweet melody without you life would be hollow. Empty voids become full, when your tunes follow.
     Sweet melody bringer of peaceful nights. I can always count on you to make it right.

By: Josette Hansen
Pseudonym: Adinah Schramm
All work on this blog is protected by copyright©2014


     That voice lingers in memories, she can recall it; conjure it whenever her heart breaks. She left too soon, so much for her to see. The value of time learned, treasured, hearts ache.
     Eyes closed her face appears; every edge of her profile clear. Her mouth curls up into a smile; banishing all her worries, and fear.
     That song plays, every tune just the same. Sing along, it’s like she’s there, her presence like the rain.
     Traditions, the stories, the silly faces stalk. These memories paralyze, can’t move, or talk.
     Mother, she cries, your loss I can’t bear; her voice whispered through, a glimpse. I am here.