My musical soul mate

I wrote this being inspired by every musical composition that connected with my soul.

Musical Soul Mate

The sound so perfect, striking my soul, emotions flow.

How can you have known me so intimately; the emotion reflected belongs to me.

~Adinah Schramm~



3 thoughts on “My musical soul mate

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  1. I have met my musical soul mates. I have had perhaps three of them altogether. I know I am taking what you have written very literally. One was a very romantic relation, we sang love songs to each other, hate songs about each other, and I lamented for years after it was over, and I composed these cathartic pieces about her. Unfortunately all the music written with these individuals were never fully resolved because our interactions were Explosive! thank for your time!!!

  2. Your writing is excellent and soulful. It must the Scots in ye Aye? I have enjoyed reading about your family veterans. The words of “My Musical Soulmate”, I found the feelings it invoked as an experience I have felt when I have heard the Music and wondered how did they know?
    Best Wishes,

    1. Chuck,
      Thank you it means a lot to me.
      Aye we Scots are very spiritual people!
      That is the exactly what I was portraying; some music just speaks to us.
      So glad you stopped by!

      Kind Regards,

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