Transcending time with words living eternally; passed through generations tales from ancestors

..recall reflect stand!

~Adinah Schramm~


This picture reflected my poem so well, I just had to share it. All courtesy, and credit to Rose Briar.~ http://rosebiar.tumblr.com/post/19008505182

These words were inspired by folk tales; oral law; and ancestral traditions.

Every culture or religion has a “tree of knowledge”; this information sometimes gets mixed with Myth. Nonetheless they carry treasures; these gems keep our ancestors alive in us every time we retell, or recall. We should like a tree by a body of water stand tall; allowing our roots to grow deep being nourished by their wisdom, and reflecting the very image of them. Be proud, and comfortable with who you are! Share it with the world, the beauty, the uniqueness of humanity.


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